It wasn’t difficult to get my new medical cannabis card

My bestie in addition to I moved to a new state a couple of weeks back.

  • It honestly took a long time for us to unpack our belongings, but the two of us had tons of boxes in our truck.

We also had a 24ft moving truck on its way as well. The two of us had a huge amount of furniture packed into a single large truck in addition to they delivered the items a few afternoons later. It took weeks to sort through the boxes in addition to move everything to the rooms where they needed to be. After everything was unpacked in addition to sorted, I started to think about my total supply of medical marijuana. I only had a very small amount of medical marijuana flower in addition to all of my concentrate was done. I went to a medical marijuana dispensary to have a talk with the staff about obtaining my card. It was a fairly easy in addition to speedy process. The guy at the front desk helped me set up a medical card in that state. I’m in a state that has reciprocity with our former residence. I had to fill out some paperwork in addition to pay a small fee, but those were the only setbacks. On the first trip to the medical marijuana store, I purchased a few items that were new to me. I got some edibles from the dispensary. My state did not even sell edibles, so I was honestly amazed by the wall filled with cookies, candies, gummies, in addition to chocolate. The cannabis edibles were completely tasty in addition to they each had a small amount of THC or CBD. Since I was able to get 30% off my first order, I also purchased a 91% concentrate called Sour Diesel.


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