It is helping me come up with ideas

I run with a pretty neat crew of friends… This is by my selection, not by accident, because I love being surrounded by writers & freethinkers… It helps to amp up my own creativity.

I am a writer, & even though I am not a successful professional writer yet, that doesn’t make me any less of an artist.

So all of us have our own pursuits, & our own creative processes, but a single thing the people I was with and I all have in common is a need to brainstorm, so every one of us enjoy to all hang out & kick ideas back & forth, to see what works & what doesn’t. Every one of us always smokes a lot of cannabis in these sessions, & I personally believe it is essential to the writing process, when everyone thinks about smoking marijuana they think about the typical stoner from the films. I admit these people are around, deadbeat potheads with no ambition, but I believe cannabis can be an amazing tool to fuel creativity. When the people I was with and I spark a joint & pass it around the ideas start going, & cannabis smoke fills the air as the people I was with and I engage in deep-dive conversations. Would these conversations be possible separate from the peaceful effects of cannabis? I undoubtedly don’t know… But as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it, so I will keep supplying cannabis for our brainstorming sessions for the immediate future, however on another note, I don’t usually smoke much marijuana when I am absolutely writing, because I enjoy keeping sharp. But for enjoyable & discussing deep thoughts, high grade cannabis just can’t be beat.


Medical marijuana