I’m making bank right now

My roommate and I are making a ton of money right now.

  • The medical marijuana dispensary where both of us work recently started to offer a delivery service.

My roommate and I have nice cars that are good on gas, so we offered to help with delivery services for the first couple of weeks. My roommate and I made a lot of money in the first week. I wasn’t sure if our customers would tip well or not. Fortunately, marijuana dispensary customers are much better tippers than pizza customers. I worked at a pizza shop from the time I was 18 until the time I was 25. I never made $100 in a single night, even when I worked a 12-hour shift. My friend and I make $100 every single day with delivery tips. My roomie and I made so much money that we decided to drive full-time instead of work as a budtender in the store. After a few weeks, sales started to decline and so did all of the delivery runs. We were still making a good amount of money, but it wasn’t like the first week. Now we are both making good money again, and the reason is due to the covid-19 virus. A lot of people are afraid to leave their home and many of our marijuana dispensary customers are using the delivery service. We also offer online pickup, but many of our customers would rather have the items delivered. We offer touch free delivery services on a number of our products including edibles, flower, prerolls, and CBD tinctures.


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