I told my wife that she would find relief from the pains and aches

I have always been a person that would be willing to use recreational marijuana products.

I like being high and I like feeling relaxed and calm.

When I was a kid, my friends and I always got high if we could find cannabis products. When I was a teenager, I still got high with my friends. I smoked weed in college too. I really didn’t stop using marijuana products until I got my job at the bank. I don’t even know if the bank has a problem with marijuana smoking. I’ve never been drug tested and I’ve never been asked about drug use either. I guess I don’t want to ask because then they would know that I am asking for a reason and I don’t want to put the spotlight on me for no reason at all. My wife is not the type of person that regularly uses marijuana products. She was raised in a house where things were very strict. Marijuana was an illegal drug and only the people that were close to the devil used marijuana. So when I proposed to my wife using marijuana to help with cramps, she said absolutely no way. I tried to tell her that marijuana would help with the pain, but she did not want to listen. Marijuana provides natural pain relief for a great deal of mental and physical health symptoms. My wife could have felt better if she would have just smoked a bowl of marijuana or a joint. She still has the same aches and pains and she is still unmedicated.



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