I thought that I was ready to die

Depression is a problem that affects millions of people every year.

Depression can happen for no reason at all.

Depression can be caused by the brain chemical levels in your head or it can be caused by problems that are occurring in your life. I thought that I was ready to die last year after my girlfriend broke up with me and started dating my best friend. I swear that they were seeing each other for months behind my back even if my friend says that’s not true. I was deeply depressed and I thought that I wanted to die. I took a bunch of pain pills and I tried to kill myself. I ended up in the hospital and the doctor sent me for a psychological evaluation. The doctor said that I was suffering from deep mental depression and it was probably there before my girlfriend and I even got together. The doctor suggested a low dose medical marijuana problem to help boost my serotonin levels. She recommended a medical marijuana product that was a sativa like Jack herer, super silver haze, or green crack. Blue dream is also another great sativa strain that is great for boosting serotonin levels. Last year I thought my life was going to be over after my girlfriend broke up with me and left, but this year I am feeling much better thanks to medical marijuana. I’m sure that my therapist has something to do with that. I’ve been talking to someone every single week about my thoughts and feelings and that definitely helps with depression too.


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