I thought I would get free oil at the cannabis dispensary.

I had heard where numerous companies offered freebies when you have items delivered, however i got free cinnamon buns when I ordered more than 2 pizzas plus had them delivered; They put some samples in our bag when I did a option up order at a local grocery store.

  • I didn’t think it would be any different if I were to use the cannabis delivery repair when I put in an order at the local cannabis dispensary.

I already had an account with them, however I was exhausted of travelling twenty miles every time I wanted to order something, then my neighbor told myself and others they were now offering delivery services, plus I was hoping to use that service. It would be cool to have free marijuana products included when I got our cannabis delivery. I went online plus started our marijuana order! When I got to the end when it asked if I wanted to pickup or have delivery, I pressed the button for cannabis delivery. It really bummed myself and others when there was a notice stating that I was out of the delivery section plus asked myself and others to make an alternate choice. I didn’t want to get in our car plus drive to the cannabis dispensary. It aggravated myself and others they couldn’t deliver to all of their clients, however only those in the immediate area. I planned on calling the supplier plus telling them they weren’t servicing their invalid clients by having a identifiable cannabis delivery area. I was already high, plus I forgot why I was calling the corporation. It wasn’t until the following month when I tried to get cannabis delivery again that I remembered why I was angry.


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