I realized I had only tried sativas

The strain is much milder and calmer than anything I have ever had

For a long time I just thought I wasn’t a fan of cannabis. I realized recently that I was subjected to what other people bought. In high school it wasn’t legal. I just smoked whatever a buddy brought and got from someone else. It was always a sativa and a very high THC content. It was always a flower form that we smoked out of a bowl. In college it was something similar or a girl would make pot brownies. I enjoyed that a little better but I didn’t like how crazy high it got me. I just thought that marijuana was ridiculously strong and a party drug. It wasn’t until I went to a doctor for sleep concerns that he told me about medical weed. The doctor informed me that indica is much better for medical purposes. It mellows the body, not the mind. It can reduce inflammation, help with anxiety, depression and sleep. You also don’t need a high THC content, but can choose to push more for CBD in the strain. That is the medical miracle side of the drug. After I got my script I went to a medical marijuana dispensary to learn more. The guy hooked me up with a cannabi soil that I vape. I have found that I much prefer a vape over a bowl or edible. It is easier to use and more discreet. It is cleaner and gives me a better high. The strain is much milder and calmer than anything I have ever had. I have really enjoyed it for sleep purposes. I have thought about hunting for a party strain that is equally as mild. I didn’t realize weed could be so peaceful.



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