I love cannabis, but hate Big Pharma

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s Big Pharma.

The way that our healthcare system has evolved has given all the power of public health to a handful of powerful and unscrupulous companies.

They own patents to medicines that millions of people need, and they charge stunningly high prices for these meds. It makes me sick to my stomach that our government lets its citizens be subject to this kind of tyranny. When you couple that will the fact that the TV is filled with commercials for new kinds of pills, the future looks grim. As great as it is that medical cannabis is becoming more common, part of me knows that it also ties into Big Pharma. That industry always opposed cannabis, for years, until they were in a position to profit off of it themselves. Since then, we see cannabis dispensaries going up left and right, feeding their profits to the same slimy fat-cats that always make all the money. I know that it;s better for people to use medical cannabis over pills, so that is a positive change, but I hate that the profits are going to Big Pharma. As often as I can I will buy my cannabis directly from the farmers, and pay a premium to not support the entire crooked system. I know several cannabis farmers at this point, who are more than happy to sell me a few pounds of medical grade kush for a very good price. The cannabis farmers profit directly this way, and Big Pharma does not get a cut.
Marijuana grower