I like to cook with a marijuana oil

I have gotten pretty huge into cooking, but i have a lot of time at house and quite a few hours left over after my work afternoon.

I have started researching fun recipes to make, my partner and I are consistently trying to be healthier! So I am always looking for healthier solutions… Rather than butter I used coconut oil now.

I splurge and buy chickpea and red lentil pasta rather than traditional white… All my recipes are lacking in fat, butter, cheese, and salt. My friend and I feel a lot better. Recently I started researching about our mental health and sleep. I found that cannabis can undoubtedly assist with mellowing you out before bed. Since my nice friend and I live in a recreational marijuana state, grabbing the necessary materials wasn’t hard. My recreational weed dispensary near me does offer an on site bakery. I didn’t want cookies, brownies, or cakes with weed in them though. I wanted something that I made that was much healthier. I found that I could purchase cannabis cooking oil and cannabutter to make most of my dishes. I only put a bit of the butter when I fry up shrimp and scallops. It gives it a nice crunchy baste, however cBD cooking oil is my go to though. I fry veggies, drizzle over pasta, and even make a fun dip with the oil. It isn’t too unhealthy and the CBD is good for my partner and I. After a cannabis themed meal the two of us sleep like babies. It is totally worth splurging for some cannabis cooking items to get a little THC and CBD in your body.

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