I hate it when the cannabis delivery service replaces my products separate from calling first

I have 2 friends who order delivery from the local grocery store, and both complain about getting item substitutions more often than you’d expect.

  • You would assume that it would naturally take a supplier a few weeks or a few weeks to iron out the kinks in a new delivery service program, but it has been 2 years and this store in question still hasn’t figured out the process.

I see more downside comments about their delivery services than anything else regarding the supplier when I see them mentioned on social media. Everyone gets miserable that they have odd item substitutions that are neither confirmed with the client nor logical choices in many situations. People will get chalet cheese if the store is out of sour cream, or you might get baby formula when looking for regular 2% milk. I care about to order my cannabis products via my local dispensary’s delivery services, however I run into the same issue. I don’t mind if they’re out of stock with a handful of products I want, I would just care about for someone to call myself and others ahead of time to ask if a number of strange chances are good replaces. Not all cannabis affects the brain in the same exact way, so you could actually be looking for a sedating and mellow strain but get a crazily stimulating sativa strain instead. If you’re using your cannabis products for primarily medical reasons, getting a random and unexpected substitution is akin to switching medications on the fly. Some people can handle it good while others would fall to pieces on the wrong strain. Once the cannabis delivery services around here are fixed, I might start going back to the dispensary in lady.

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