He needed something for his sleeping issues

My husband is a very light sleeper.

Zach and I have been married for almost 9 years, and I could only remember him sleeping no more than 6 hours a night.

He was always annoyed and he got angry when he was exhausted! No matter how many times he would try to take a nap in the daytime, it didn’t work. He wouldn’t come to bed until the early hours of the night and he was always up by five. This was a daily pattern of his, and I knew it was getting worse. When he went to his last doctor’s appointment, the doctor started asking him questions. I spoke up and told him that if my husband didn’t soon get some sleep and stop being so aggravated, I wanted a divorce. The doctor started talking about sleeping pills and other natural things for sleeplessness. Zach had tried everything over the years, however none of it had worked. The doctor then asked if he had ever tried medical marijuana. My husband said he had used marijuana as a teenager, however not since. The doctor said that maybe all Zach needed was to relax his mind, and that medical marijuana may be the perfect resource for him. Zach went to the marijuana dispensary and bought his marijuana many weeks later. I was amazed at how quickly he was able to go to sleep that night, and he slept for more than six straight hours. He said it was the best sleep he had in his life. He even thanked me for speaking up.

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