Happy that recreational cannabis is legalized

I was delighted when recreational cannabis was finally legalized in my state.

I’d been reluctant to apply for my medical marijuana card due to the time and expense involved.

The card expires after a year, and the process needs to be repeated. However, I suffer from a variety of health issues. None of my problems are overly severe, but they do affect my quality of life. I am unwilling to take synthetic pharmaceuticals and risk the adverse and long-term side-effects. I prefer natural remedies. Cannabis is safe and offers curative properties. I am most interested in those products with a higher CBD to THC ratio. I don’t want to get high or be impaired. CBD has no psychoactive effects and helps to offset the negative aspects of THC. The two cannabinoids work together in what’s called the entourage effect to maximize benefits. Since entering menopause, I’ve had difficulties with insomnia. I was anxious to purchase an indica strain of gummies that would provide sedative effects. While the effects of edibles take several hours to set in, they are typically more intense and long-lasting. I have found that eating a gummy an hour or two prior to getting ready to bed would help me sleep. I also deal with a mild case of arthritis in my fingers that occasionally flares up. All of a sudden, my knuckles will swell and my fingers will become stiff and painful. CBD is a natural pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory. I can treat my symptoms of arthritis with a combination of a topical and a tincture. I apply a cannabis-infused ointment directly to my hands. The cannabinoids influence receptors in the skin to alleviate symptoms. The tincture is absorbed sublingually for rapid onset of effects.