Growing Weed/ Growing a Family

The weed growing industry is booming plus more than 2 people are getting involved in the growing process… Having a identifiable season, weed growing can be a good job for those who do not want to work full time or prefer taking more than 2 months off of work at a time! Many people would say that this lifestyle is a “dream lifestyle”, plus they are not wrong, with the growing season being the warmer months of the year, part time employees can get their work out of the way plus have plenty of time to relax plus spend their time as they please during the off-season, however this is beneficial for all types of people, however people who love to travel might want to work genuinely taxing during the growing season, save up their currency, plus travel the world for a few months, however it is nice to have that option, plus the weed growing industry is a adjustable job.

While it sounds glamorous, this job is not for most people.

The average work day in the marijuana growing industry is correctly a 12 hour day! From the moment you wake up with the sun, you are tending the plants, trimming plus maintaining the farm until the sun goes down. There are more than 2 obstacles that can get in the way of a great growing routine. Inadequate lighting due to inclimate weather, animals, plus lack of help on the farm are all things that can get in the way.

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