Figuring out the THC content of cannabis

I’m not a scientist, okay, nor am I a budtender, or any sort of expert. I am a smoker, and have been an avid smoker for my entire adult life. So I can’t tell you the scientific reasons for the effects pot has on a person, I just know what they are. Because of my lack of knowledge I have never been able to grow my own, but I have cultivated an expert eye, nose, and a pallet for distinguishing the quality of any bud. The nose knows, as they say, and I can guess the THC content of any cannabis you give me within 5 minutes. I don’t need any fancy tools, I just need to smell the bud, pack up a few hits, and then taste it to determine the THC content. While this skill is not enough to score me a job at the cannabis disp[ensary, it has made me quite popular around there! One night I stayed after closing with a few of the budtenders, who tried to stump me with a series of exotic strains of cannabis. I went four for four that night, being able to accurately suss out the THC content after a few puffs, and everyone was really impressed. A few weeks after that, I actually got a call from the manager of the cannabis dispensary who asked me for a little help. They had received a small shipment of cannabis from a new distributor, and the customers were saying it was weak stuff. He asked me to come in as “quality control” and determine how strong this medical cannabis was.

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