Blue dream is a fruity and heavy hitting sativa

During the last week, the medical plus recreational cannabis store by my home had a sale.

It was a large sale on marijuana flower. The dispensary offered top-shelf cannabis products for 30% off. This was the first time there was a large sale and most of those offers are left for first-time patients. When my friends plus myself heard about this sale, we wanted to find some time to visit the recreational plus medical cannabis store. I was forced to work on that day, however, I stopped before going right back to my apartment. I picked up various daytime strains like sour diesel, Blue Dream, plus Super Silver Haze. Everyone of us have purchased these cannabis strains in the direct path but not in the top shelf grower flavors. Every one of us purchased various thirds of top-shelf flower. I wanted to get some blue dream. Blue dream is a single daytime sativa strain that is perfect for hiking and provides lots of energy. When my friends plus myself went hiking on Tuesday, we had tons of energy plus did not feel tired or even groggy at all. The both of us could have hiked 10 or an extra 20 miles, by the time everyone else was finished that day. I was filled with energy from the blue dream strain. My friends were hoping to go back to the beach home plus watch football. Blue Dream positively is one of my number one strains Plus I would truly spend some currency to have that strain again especially in the top-shelf Cannabis grower product


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