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Cannabis dispensary needs to work on delivery issues

Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the best decision during this health crisis My friends and I regularly use cannabis. I have some problems with anxiety, and my best friend uses cannabis to help with stress. We usually visit the cannabis dispensary two times every week. On Mondays and Wednesdays, they always have specials. Monday […]

Indica strains are great for sleeping in

My friends and I work at a busy grocery store. I started working at the grocery store shortly after high school ended. I thought it would be a great job to have while I attend college. I was working there for three months, and then one of my best friends was hired as well. Both […]

It’s not easy to grow marijuana at home

Marijuana plants are not very easy to grow at home. It’s not like beans, peas, carrots, or melons. Marijuana plants require a great deal of time and energy, but there are a number of benefits to growing your own marijuana indoors. Indoor grow houses can produce some high-quality weed. This is due to the fact […]

The history of smoking marijuana

When I was a kid, my friends and I smoked marijuana out of an apple or a Coke can. We didn’t have enough money to buy rolling papers and most of the convenience stores wouldn’t sell them to two teenagers anyway. Things are much different these days and marijuana comes in a variety of different […]

I need some indoor air cleaners to stay open

A lot of area restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations are closing down due to the covid-19 virus. I am the manager for an extremely busy marijuana dispensary in the metropolitan area. We were worried that marijuana dispensaries would be included in the local shelter order. Thankfully, marijuana dispensaries are covered under the pharmacy provision. […]