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Medical marijuana is helping lots of ailments

Medical marijuana was legalized in more than 60% of the country! Medical marijuana has amazing uses in medical treatments. A lot of people are using medical marijuana to treat a number of diseases and ailments, but the FDA has only approved medical marijuana for treating epilepsy, and the federal government still treats marijuana the same […]

The online order system was down

I had finally smoked the last of our weed supply this afternoon and I went online to order more from the dispensary down the road. I regularly get our weed from a unique dispensary because they have the tightest prices in town. They do not carry an enormous selection, but they regularly have several nice […]

Working in the lab is a great task

I entirely dig our new gig, even if I am working as a janitor. I scrub the floors and the lavatories, and make sure all the devices have been cleaned and sanitized. I think it is not the most glamorous of all tasks, however I do get to have a job in a medical marijuana […]

Smoking cannabis makes our kid lazy

My youngest kid has been toking cannabis since he was 18 years old. He was living with his father at the time and they didn’t care if he was doing drugs or not. My youngest kid started smoking pot with all of his friends. They hung out after school every afternoon smoking cannabis. My son’s […]