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I learned about more marijuana products

I thought I was experienced with marijuana having been a smoker for a long time. However, the budtender at the dispensary shattered that illusion in seconds. He kept showing me all of these amazing cannabis products that I had never seen before. The store had a wide range of tinctures that can be taken orally. […]

Wishing I could place an online order

I wish I could make online orders with my local pharmacy. It’s a town supplier in addition to I’m often stuck waiting on refills for hours at a time. I have tried to phone a day in advance, but it never seems to help as the process gets put off until the following day. Of […]

We all have our favorite

Not everyone is affected similarly by one substance, regardless of what style of intoxicant you look at. When I had surgery, they gave me morphine afterward to stop the horrible pain. My parents were both worried because both of them experienced little effects from morphine in the few times they were in the hospital for […]

How certain dispensaries stay afloat

The dispensary was resilient. It’s not unusual for me to be totally loyal to one business, regardless of what industry or need we are talking about. I had a favorite shop for ages until they quit properly staffing their pharmacy on a day to day basis. Forget all of the customers who were forced to […]

I use sativa mostly

It has taken me years to get to where I am right now with understanding cannabis. It seems like more research is revealed yearly that further pushes our public know-how on how the plant interacts with the human mind. For years the DEA wouldn’t allow any kind of research on the medical benefits of cannabis, […]

Now we have legal access to weed

I’m starting to get spoiled with my easy access to legal marijuana. I spent years dealing with issues with the product. I got supplied from friends who knew people in the area who grew it in their houses illegally. Some of this cannabis was great, but often we’d get batches with mold in addition to […]