We love testing cannabis strains on our new online channel

Ever since the lockdown was initiated I have been completely desperate for a new creative outlet.

  • My friends and I played some collaborative video games, however it wasn’t very fun.

We then started having hang out sessions and smoking parties over Zoom or Skype. These were legitimately fun, and undoubtedly lively and full of banter, which gave me the smart idea of recording the sessions and turning them into a Youtube channel. I think it will be more fun than doing a podcast, because facial expressions are great! The group of us are all going to taste test all sorts of blends of cannabis and call the show Taster’s Choice. Maybe it was cliche to start off with a debut episode about Purple Haze, however every one of us all felt it was the best choice. Of course you easily know the wicked pedigree this marijuana strain has, and some people might say that the strain was named after the Jimi Hendrix song, however in fact the song Purple Haze got the name from the actual strain! Even in the late 60s, Purple Haze was pretty much the gold standard of chronic, so what better way to kick off the Taster’s Choice Youtube channel? We eventually decided we would rotate and instead of all of us deciding collectively what the next featured cannabis would be, every one of us would take turns picking the upcoming strains. After Purple Haze every one of us did a show called Pineapple Express, and then a single called Blue Dreams, which had enhanced THC content in it. So far I am really loving the show, and all the cannabis so far has been great quality.

Purple haze