We got some new cannabis products

Last week, I found out from a flyer that our local cannabis dispensary has gotten in some new cannabis strains for sale.

This was exciting in my book! I haven’t been able to try any new cannabis strains for quite a while, and it really seems like everything that has come out lately has been marijuana products that I have already tried sometime or another; When you’re a person like I am, you get pretty bored with using the same old thing all the time, but it’s not just with cannabis strains, either.

I get bored driving the same car, playing the same games, and going to the same job every day. I suppose I’m just one of those people who craves excitement and change all the time. Anyway, anytime I see that new marijuana products have come out on the market, I’m pretty much the first one to go out and try it. I really love to try new types of marijuana edibles, too, and recently, I tried some space cake, some OG kush, and some pot brownies that I really liked. I also tried these candy bars and girl scout cookies that were made with marijuana and they were fantastic. I’m regularly glad to see new stuff out on the shelves at our local cannabis dispensary. I regularly love to try anything new that becomes available. You just don’t know when you might be able to find something that is really amazing. That’s why I was so happy to find out that they have some new strains of cannabis down at the dispensary. I’m happy to try and find a brand new favorite one.

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