The legal weed business is booming

My whole family is involved in the SEO business.

My brother owns the company and makes the actual website businesses want.

My sister is the one who helps the website rank better on google so that customers can find it. My father is the one that sells the people the product and my mother serves as the accountant. What I do is write the content that goes on the websites. Our business makes good money, but we don’t have a lot of diverse clients. I would say around 75% of our business handles HVAC dealers. The remaining 25% is cannabis dispensaries. It is interesting since the cannabis world is only getting more and more powerful and popular. Our business started out handling SEO, social media and marketing for a single legal cannabis store. Now we are handling major medical marijuana and recreational cannabis dispensary names. I think eventually the times will change and I will only write for cannabis dealers. The money in legal weed and medical weed is substantial. It is obvious that these dispensaries almost have money to burn. They can buy the highest level of website and the best quality of social media. They offer so many different products and all sorts of services. The cannabis delivery services always shock me. The different legal pot stores have tons of vehicles ready to make deliveries within the hour. That is how busy these people are! They can at a drop of the hat get cannabis to an online customer. I have always joked that amazon and cannabis dispensaries are going to rule the world.

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