The budtender did not suppose truly much about cannabis science

My friends and I were on trip and all of us decided to pick up some recreational marijuana from a cannabis store in the city, and my friends and I love using recreational marijuana all the time and all of us knew exactly the cannabis products which all of us wanted to purchase from this small dispensary… I was the first person to greet the budtender, she did not suppose truly much about cannabis education.

I asked the girl to tell me the names of the strains that were indica and she did not suppose what I was asking.

I had to explain to her the many differences between indica, hybrid, and sativa strains of marijuana. I thought the budtenders had to go through a somewhat strict training program and pass a class in order to task in a recreational marijuana dispensary! Obviously this person did not have any program what she was talking about. It took 10 minutes to finish my order! By the time that my friend stepped up to the counter, most of the things that he was hoping to grab were out of stock. My friends favorite concentrate is yellowberry muffin live resin and they were all out by the time he stepped up to the counter, he had to settle for some grape ape shatter and a few grams of RXO distillate. Both of us got a couple of edible treats for the ride home, then the following time all of us go out to buy recreational marijuana supplies, I’m going to pre-order my supplies online. I won’t have to talk to the uneducated budtender and my besties won’t have to worry about everything being gone by the time all of us get up to the counter.
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