Some batches of blue dream are more calming than others

My viewpoint towards cannabis has changed drastically since I first started using it six years ago.

At first it was an intense experience that I’d compare to a mild hallucinogen, especially when my friends found high quality medical marijuana on the streets.

The lower quality “brick weed” as they called it was shipped in from Mexico and was full of stems and seeds. It never had the same effect on my brain that the top shelf always did. When high quality medical marijuana became more and more common as I progressed through undergraduate school, I was able to sample a wide variety of strains. Blue Dream quickly became my favorite strain for it’s mentally stimulating effects, coupled with the pleasant body relaxation that happens simultaneously. But as years went by and I eventually became a medical marijuana patient in my home state, I wasn’t experiencing the same effects from my favorite strains anymore. Some strains like Sour Diesel that I previously avoided became favorites as years went by. Others like Blue Dream and Stardawg started to give me anxiety symptoms. I bought Blue Dream from three different dispensaries and experienced the same feeling of panic in my brain each individual time. Clearly something in my brain chemistry has changed in the years since I originally tried the strain. It’s frustrating because Blue Dream always gave me pleasant and calming euphoria, but now it only produces panic attacks when I smoke it. On the other hand, I’m finding that a lot of the newer strains are as good or better than the Blue Dream of the past. It’s just a matter of finding the time and the financial resources to try them all.

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