She might be cut out of production

My sister has coronavirus.

It has been a big pain in the butt because I see her all the time.

The two of us also were still doing marijuana growing together. I still have all the equipment. I have the grow lights, nutrient system and hydroponic system. I also know when logistically the HVAC settings and lighting needs to change in the growing process. My sister does all the grunt work and supplies extra cash when needed. I trim and dry the plants. My sister is the one that cures the plants and does the final stages of the process. Now that she is sick, she is out of commission. I can’t spend time sanitizing my facility. I can’t waste days cleaning every surface after she has gone in there. Doing the whole growing procedure alone has been tough though. I really need to hire a worker to check the plants, adjust the lights and decrease the HVAC throughout the month. The plants can’t stay at the same temp and amount of light. You ruin your yields and the smell of the plant. I might need to upgrade and get everything automatic. There are systems that allow you to set a climate control program. I could have the lights on a timer and just have them automatically do the adjusting. That way the only work I would need to do is the cutting, drying and curing all by myself. That is not the hardest part of production. Once I get it like that though, I really don’t need my sister anymore do I?

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