Not hard getting a medical marijuana card

The social climate on cannabis has changed quite a bit. When I was in school weed was considered as bad as cocaine or heroin. Now just about everybody smokes cannabis and tons of people have medical marijuana cards. I don’t have anything too severe wrong with me. I like to smoke weed to sleep better at night, that is it. I used to just head over to my cannabis dispensary, get what I wanted and smoke before bed. After moving to a different state I realized that only medical marijuana was allowed. I had to actually get a medical marijuana card for the first time. I was nervous at first. I thought the doctor wouldn’t give me a card unless I had something really wrong with me. I also thought that my prescription would allow hardly any weed. The whole experience was very anti-climatic. I talked to a doctor for maybe 5 minutes. I told him that I had trouble sleeping at night and I had used weed for years as a sleep aid. After a few questions I got a script written and I just had to wait a few days for my card to come in the mail. Then I was able to head over to a legal weed dispensary and pick up any cannabis oil or flower that I wanted. My prescription is more than generous. I can make it through the month with the products that I have. I sleep just as good as I did before. If anything, the weed I have now is more potent since it is medical grade.


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