My friend Cathy is now selling CBD products online

My friend Cathy has decided that she’s going to start selling her CBD products online. She’s been pushing them here and there to her family and friends but now she’s decided to go ahead and try to sell them online now too. When she started telling me about all the different things that CBD oil could do for me and all of the health benefits of it, I thought that she was just trying to sell me something. I hate it when my friends try to turn me into nothing more than a customer, and so for a long time, I just told her that I wasn’t interested in the least. However, Cathy kept mentioning how helpful her CBD products were for her personally and eventually I decided to go ahead and try some for myself for my anxiety issues. Well, let me tell you. The CBD oil that I started using from her stockpile of CBD products is really top notch. The stuff that I have been taking has really been helping me out with my anxiety a lot and now I understand why she was pushing it so hard. She wasn’t just trying to make money off of me. She was really trying to help me because she already knew about all the benefits of using CBD oil and other cannabis products. Now that she’s selling the CBD products online, I’m going to try and help her grow her business. I guess now that I’m a believer in the effectiveness of the product, I can start trying to sell it to my friends too.


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