My cousin just bought us some really great stuff at a local weed dispensary

My cousin Adam just recently took a trip to this local weed dispensary that’s a couple of hours away from our house.

We have never been there before, but Adam was headed out in that direction for his job and so he decided that he was going to check out the weed dispensary while he was there.

He loves looking for new marijuana products whenever he can, and he’s pretty smart about it, too. He always finds something new and he takes money from me and all of our other cousins with him so that he can purchase all kinds of new stuff for us to try out. Then the next time he goes on a trip, he will buy even more of the marijuana products that he knows we like. We are all pretty lucky to have a guy like Adam doing all of our cannabis shopping for us. He always seems to know which edibles to try and which ones to avoid. I think he’s much better at choosing new marijuana products for us than any of the rest of us would be. Anyway, this new local weed dispensary was amazing, according to Adam. he said that they had a selection of things that he had never seen before and so he ended up buying a little bit of everything while he was on his business trip. I can’t wait for him to get back because I am having a party this weekend and the recreational cannabis he brings back is going to be a big hit, I just know it.

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