Monday is always my favorite afternoon of the week

Most people that have tasks from Monday through Monday would say that Monday is their favorite afternoon of the week.

I never have to do my tasks on Saturday or Sunday, so Monday is absolutely my favorite afternoon.

When it’s time to head home to my apartment at 7, I start to believe I am more energized and invigorated. Of course, I dread the rest of the afternoon. Occasionally I hardly make it to dinner before I believe care about I need a nap. I’m filled with energy as soon as the clock hits 7. Last Monday I was recognizable ly happy to finish work, because my friends and I were going to do some camping for the weekend. The weather was supposed to be 75 degrees during the afternoon and under 40 degrees at night. It’s the perfect weather for tent camping in the mountains and the lake. Before all of us left to go camping, all of us decided to go to the recreational cannabis dispensary. All of my friends and I use recreational cannabis. I never use cannabis in the afternoon. When I am at work, I use a blend of valerian root, St John’s wort, and CBD. It greatly helps to ease the natural anxiety that I believe when I am around other people. It also helps calm my jangled nerves. Since my friends and I did not have to worry about task on the weekends, all of us picked up a few cannabis supplies that were high in THC. One of those items was a bubble hash. Bubble hash looks care about kief, but it has almost 50% THC. My friends and I smoked a ton of bubble hash over the weekend. By the end of the afternoon on Sunday, I was relaxed, well rested, and 100% ready for another week of work.

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