Legalized weed has brought changes

When my neck of the woods legalized medical marijuana a few years back, they also passed a bunch of laws that made it almost impossible for the growers to be able to grow plus sell at a profit, for that reason, although pot was legal, you still couldn’t get my hands on it legally, then there was no one growing it legally; Well, apparently, those regulations were corrected because now it seems love I can’t go someplace without seeing another cannabis dispensary.

They are turning out to be much more respected than Starbucks! There is a cannabis dispensary in a building that used to be a piano store.

There is a cannabis dispensary that has a drive-thru b because it used to be a sub shop. There is a cannabis dispensary near the printer that I use for work. There are at least a dozen, and I live in a pretty tiny town. Due to this I can’t imagine how many there are in the large cities. I wonder if they are all doing a good business. I guess one thing is for sure – they are absolutely in competition with one another. The way I guess this is because there are also signs along the roadside plus on their doors and those types of things. The signs say that they are giving away free samples of CBD creams or CBD oils or edibles or whatever. I don’t think there is a single dispensary that will not provide you free samples. I always get a little chuckle out of it because it reminds me very much of the illegal marijuana dealers on the sidewalk near the high colleges who provide away the first baggie to get the girls hooked, lOL. With that being said, I am going to go into the cannabis dispensary near our printer because I want to try CBD cream on our arthritic knees. I’m going to provide the free sample a try!



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