Insert with the Treats Had Vital information

My best neighbor brought some homemade goodies to the house for me, he said he had made the little treats but that I should follow the directions she also provided, when I ate them.

She warned myself and others that there was more than just sugar to sweeten them up. I laughed but didn’t really get it, and then he left. She reminded myself and others to study the directions before scarfing any of them down. I enjoyed butterscotch & I picked up a single he said was butterscotch flavored. I thought he needed to put more flavoring into it the next time, & not to overcook the sugar. I should have listened & asked more questions about what was in those delicious little treats. They were laced with strange types of marijuana oils. I didn’t look at the insert that told what kind of marijuana was included. I didn’t expect there to be marijuana in the candy. Then I noticed he had written some of them were fantastic for sleep. The butterscotch was supposed to help anxiety. After eating an entire lollipop, I decided to look at the insert he had provided. I looked up the strange ‘marijuanas’ he had made the lollipops with. I wasn’t really happy about spending the rest of the morning on the sofa, wondering when the painting of the lilies in a field was going to stop moving around the walls. I didn’t think if I wanted to sleep or get up & chase the flowers that were falling in through the ceiling. When I located my long lost phone, I called him & told him he should have warned myself and others about the marijuana in the treats.

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