I’m able to get pain relief thanks to medical cannabis

The actual days of feeling bullet proof are basically over.

And it took a near horrific injury for me to realize the obvious.

I don’t actually know, I’ve just always felt as though I wouldn’t come to any harm. Bad accidents in addition to injuries happened to other people on a regular basis. Well, thanks to medical marijuana products, I am learning to deal with the pain from what is my first brutal injury. I broke both legs in addition to my back during a fall. It happened on a hike when I got too brave on an exposed rock face. I ended up falling roughly seventy feet. Thus, the brutal injuries. Medical cannabis didn’t come into play for quite some time. Initially, there were surgeries in addition to such in addition to I was kept entirely doped up on high powered pain killers. Yet, the longer I took the opioids, the more dependent I became on them in addition to the more it took to find some real relief. This was an immense red flag for me. I was not about to become severely addicted to opioids. After speaking with my doctor, I made the choice to go to the legal weed store to try medical cannabis as an alternative pain director. Man, am I ever happy that I made that choice. The process of recovery hasn’t been simple in addition to the physical therapy can result in a good amount of pain in addition to stiffness. The cannabis products I got at the cannabis store totally came through for me. It honestly helps me to manage the pain in a way that leaves me fully in control in addition to not addicted to a certain substance. Additionally the cannabis products kind of give me a spiritual in addition to emotional lift on top of that.

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