I was amazed when marijuana was made legal in our area

I have witnessed a bunch of crazy things over the last couple of years, despite the fact that I never expected our state to choose to legalize marijuana.

All of us have a particularly conservative state that still seems to think that dancing is the Devil’s work.

My Grandfather has a completely unique view. He says he was dancing when his own mother thought it should be made illegal. My parents got into a debate at his lake dwelling a couple months ago. They were talking with our aunt as well as uncle about the legalization of marijuana. My Grandfather sat in the study room as well as rolled his eyes upon hearing all of this. He easily told myself and others they were a bunch of aged hens. I laughed with him as well as he shushed me. He had to admit that he had smoked pot in the sixties, as well as it wasn’t nearly as terrible as them drinking their vodka as well as tonic. Until that day, I looked at Grandpa basically like an aged man who just talked a lot. I found out he was entirely cool. He told myself and others he wasn’t saying it was okay to partake of cannabis. Now, they would throw the adolescents in jail. In his days, they took them home to their parents. I had to agree because I had witnessed many of my buddies being thrown in jail. When I eventually learned that they had legalized the use of marijuana, I told my grandpa right away. He actually told me to get his overcoat as well as take him to the local cannabis dispensary. He easily knew someone who sold marijuana buds, as well as he wanted to try using it legally. He told me that it made his joints feel a great deal better, although he still didn’t appreciate the smell of marijuana.



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