I never would have expected our state to legalize cannabis

I have seen numerous absurd things over the last couple of years, although I never expected our state to make the choice to legalize marijuana.

We have a rather conservative state that still thinks dancing happens to be the Devil’s work.

My Grandma has a totally different view in life. She says she was dancing when her own mother thought it should be made illegal. My parents actually got into a debate at her property a couple weeks ago. They were talking with our aunt as well as uncle about the legalization of marijuana. My Grandma rested in the kitchen as well as rolled her eyes. She told myself and others they were nothing but a bunch of old hens. I laughed with her as well as she shushed me. She admitted that she had smoked pot when she was a kid, as well as it wasn’t nearly as terrible as them with their vodka as well as tonic. Until that afternoon, I looked at Grandma like another old lady who just talked about a lot of nonsense. I found out she was really cool. She told myself and others she wasn’t saying it was fine to do. These days, they would throw the kids in jail. In her time, they merely took them to their parents. I had to agree because I had seen my share of friends thrown in jail over having cannabis. When I found out they had legalized the use of marijuana, I went right over to tell her about it. She told me to get her sweater so we could go into town and hit the cannabis shop. She knew someone who sold marijuana, as well as she wanted to know the feeling of using it legally. She said it made her joints feel great, but she still didn’t prefer the smell of marijuana.


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