I had a nice time visiting my sister in San Mateo

I live in a state where marijuana use is illegal. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from getting my weed needs anyway. But I was happy when I got to visit my sister in California because recreational marijuana use is legal there. My sister also uses marijuana recreationally and she was really happy to show me around San Mateo. There are a lot of legal marijuana dispensaries in San Mateo. I think we must have visited just about every one while I was there. Needless to say, it was a very relaxing trip. Because, of course, there’s no legal way for me to get my cannabis products back home to my home state. That means that my sister and I had to enjoy our products while I was still in California. I have to say though, it was nice to be able to buy my marijuana from a brick and mortar store rather than from somebody behind a convenience store. The marijuana from the legal dispensary just seemed to be a much higher quality. I was impressed with all of the different products and options that the legal marijuana dispensary offered as well. I probably got a bit carried away because I wanted to try everything. I think it’s kind of funny, a lot of people come to California to see Disneyland and the beaches. All I was interested in seeing was the marijuana dispensaries and having a good time with my sister. I succeeded in doing that but I was sad to go back home. That’s ok. I am already planning my next visit.

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