I can’t believe that cannabis is still illegal in our state

She says she has had enough of the issue with marijuana with our sibling

I have seen enough drunk people to easily know that alcohol isn’t as thrilling as the adults always make it out to be. I tried it once, plus the hangover didn’t make me feel good and I didn’t want to take up the habit. I tried cigarettes too, however the taste seemed to never go away. I felt woozy, plus I swore my breath smelled of tobacco for the length of a week. My eldest sibling actually adores using marijuana. I keep wondering when he will get caught by the police. He is easily open with how much pot he uses, where he uses pot, plus when he uses pot. Marijuana still happens to be illegal in our state, however he doesn’t care even a little bit. He always tells me that it helps his anxiety plus helps him to focus easily. I’m honestly not sure about the focusing thing because he seems to be out of it when we have our conversations. Anxiety wise, he definitely seems to be in a better mood plus not so fast to get agitated with everything I say. I was thinking about trying marijuana at least once, when I saw how much calmer he is all the time. My main thing is that I am afraid that the first time I use it, I will have an undercover police officer bust me with it. My sibling doesn’t live at our residence, but I do. My mother would easily ground me for the longest time if the police brought me home. I believe that she would gladly leave me to rot if they called plus told her I was in jail for smoking marijuana. She says she has had enough of the issue with marijuana with our sibling. It seems that I’ll wait until they make recreational marijuana completely legal.

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