Finding some relief for my mom with medical cannabis

It’s tough to be this age and watch your parents deteriorate due to age and health problems.

But, it’s also part of life.

My dad died just over a year ago and my mom is currently fighting for her life in a battle with cancer. It may or may not be the end of the road for my mom. That is just the facts. However as her son, I simply want to make her as comfortable as possible. It took some convincing but with the help of her oncologist, I was able to get her to try medical cannabis. In our state both medical cannabis and recreational marijuana are legal. I’m thankful for that. I enjoy cannabis products and have for most of my life. It’s just really nice to be able to go to a legal weed store to shop for cannabis products. I prefer cannabis flower products but I knew my mom would never smoke anything. Which is ironic since she’s battling lung cancer. So once she was on board, I went to the cannabis dispensary and picked up some cannabis gummies. I was sure to get the dosage right and gave it to my mom. It was the first time since her treatment started that she wanted to eat. Prior, it had been a fight just to get some decent food in her. However with the medical marijuana, she had an appetite. Additionally, it really helped with nausea and pain. The future isn’t certain and whether she actually beats this cancer at age 83 is sort of beside the point. The point is comfort and quality of life from here on out.

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