CBD oil for anxious cat

Due to those things, his fur is growing back and he seems way happier.

I recently figured out that I have a very anxious cat. I didn’t realize that cats could suffer from anxiety until poor Sprinkles started having some very bad issues. He was vomiting, losing fur, not eating and sleeping poorly. Turns out that my cat was very stressed to move an hour down south and be in a new environment. The property, home and smells all were different and he wasn’t handling it well. I took Sprinkles to the vet and he got diagnosed with having pretty severe anxiety. I figured I would be hiding pills in his wet cat food, but instead the doctor recommended using CBD when treating my cat. Humans use CBD oil for their anxiety and apparently so do animals now. I went over to my legal cannabis dispensary and asked the budtender what to do for my cat. He got me a low dose of the oil and instructed that I put a few drops in his wet cat food in the morning. Wow, what a difference! Sprinkles seems to be so much better now. He has way more of an appetite and is sleeping easier at night. Due to those things, his fur is growing back and he seems way happier. It is odd that my cat is getting oil from a cannabis plant and I have to go to a cannabis shop to get it. I don’t really care though. My cat is finally getting back into good health and it is something I can easily pick up for not much money. I am thankful the oil doesn’t have any THC in it.

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