Cannabis Dispensary is Pleasant Looking Building

I had no idea what it would be like to go into the marijuana dispensary, but it was not what I saw.

I think a section of myself and others thought it would probably be a whole in the wall building.

I did not think it would be a quiet storefront with pleasant music playing. I expected the strong acrid smell of marijuana being used. I didn’t expect it to smell disinfect & fresh. There was the tiniest bit of an odor from marijuana, but nothing overwhelming. I planned on just looking around to see what was in stock. I didn’t expect to see candy & fresh baked goods. I was a bit pleased to see honey sticks & gummy bears. I found some of the prettiest glass pieces & some differently-themed items. There were dragons that could be used for incense & some that seemed to be decorative only. The guy behind the counter came over & asked myself and others if he could help myself and others find the perfect item. I didn’t think what to answer. I inquired about the brownies & the cupcakes. He told myself and others he would gladly give myself and others a few samples of various items & told myself and others to go ahead & try a bit of it. I was surprised that he said that. Helmet us know it was made with marijuana oil. He told me to take a small bite & I thought he was kidding. It tasted exactly the same as a regular gummy bear from the candy aisle at CVS. He cautioned myself and others however, not to eat anymore until I was safely on my sofa. Since I had never tried marijuana, I decided to listen to him and his experience talking. By the time I got home, I was feeling a bit odd, but pleasant. I now visit the marijuana dispensary more often.

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