I lock all of my legal marijuana products in a case so my kids cannot get to them

The kids can’t steal my key or attempt to figure out a code by entering weird combinations of numbers

I have heard about fearful parents who guess that anyone who uses marijuana legally in their own condo is endangering their children in 1 way or another. These are the same people who have no ethical problems with blasting their minds with alcohol every night. Where they’d put themselves in a situation of getting in the vehicle plus driving to the hospital if there was a medical emergency with 1 of their children. And when you look at all of the domestic abuse that is fueled by alcohol abuse, the fight against marijuana gets thinner plus thinner. I would never recommend that people drive a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis, however it’s still a night plus day difference compared to alcohol induced driving. At any rate, I am still smart with my legal cannabis that I get from the local dispensary. I have a lockbox with a fingerprint scanner on it. Any product, be it flower buds or capsules plus concentrates, goes inside the lockbox. The kids can’t steal my key or attempt to figure out a code by entering weird combinations of numbers. You’d have to split my finger off my hand to get into my cannabis lockbox. On top of this precaution, I try to never get too intoxicated for the reasons I mentioned above regarding alcohol inebriation plus the opportunity of unforeseen medical emergencies late at night. If I buy a lot of legal marijuana products from the local dispensary, I make sure I never use too much at a time so I’m always there for my spouse or my children if they need me.



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Worried about shopping inside a legal dispensary right now

With covid-19 going around, I’ve been needing my legal cannabis products more than ever.

They just help me to relax and feel a little bit better.

However, I’m in the high-risk zone and it would be really bad if I caught covid-19. That’s one of the things I stress about. So I’ve been wearing my mask and washing my hands lots of times. I’ve also been having my groceries delivered to my car. However, I’ve been avoiding going to my cannabis store because it’s a really small store and I feel like it would be impossible to stay 6 feet away from anybody inside of it. But I started running out of my products so I decided to give my legal cannabis dispensary a call and see if they could possibly get my items together for me so I could just go into the store, pay for them and go out. Quickly and efficiently. I was surprised that the employee who answered the phone told me that not only can they do that for me but that they can take my cannabis out to the car for me. Just like they do with the grocery store. All I have to do is prepay for my cannabis products, drive up, and call the store to let them know that I’m there. I was thrilled. I went ahead and ordered my usual legal cannabis items and then drove to the dispensary. It all went very smoothly and I got back home with all of my recreational cannabis in less than 30 minutes. I will definitely be doing that again. I have a feeling this virus is going to stick around for a while.

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Neighbor called the police on us for legal marijuana

I’m laughing my butt off right now.

My neighbor called the cops on us because we are having a small party and smoking marijuana. I have less than 10 people over at my house and we don’t even have the music on. We’re just sitting out in my backyard and talking and laughing. Oh, and we are smoking cannabis. Which, by the way, is legal in California. We got our party supplies from a legal marijuana dispensary just a few blocks from my house. These marijuana dispensary stores are all over the place. So I would assume that my neighbor knows that marijuana is legal now. I don’t know how she could miss it. Nonetheless, the police showed up but they didn’t stay very long. I think they could see we were keeping the noise down and not doing anything disruptive to anybody. Like I said, we were just sitting in our backyard and enjoying ourselves. Of course, the police didn’t tell me that my neighbor called them but I know who it is. After all, I’ve seen her peeking out of her window at us about every 10 minutes for the last 2 hours. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything about it. She can disapprove of our legal marijuana use if she wants. But I will definitely be throwing more of these parties now. If only to spite her. In fact, I think I’m going to make a run down to the marijuana dispensary next weekend to pick up some party supplies. I might just have a few more friends over.

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I had a nice time visiting my sister in San Mateo

I live in a state where marijuana use is illegal. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from getting my weed needs anyway. But I was happy when I got to visit my sister in California because recreational marijuana use is legal there. My sister also uses marijuana recreationally and she was really happy to show me around San Mateo. There are a lot of legal marijuana dispensaries in San Mateo. I think we must have visited just about every one while I was there. Needless to say, it was a very relaxing trip. Because, of course, there’s no legal way for me to get my cannabis products back home to my home state. That means that my sister and I had to enjoy our products while I was still in California. I have to say though, it was nice to be able to buy my marijuana from a brick and mortar store rather than from somebody behind a convenience store. The marijuana from the legal dispensary just seemed to be a much higher quality. I was impressed with all of the different products and options that the legal marijuana dispensary offered as well. I probably got a bit carried away because I wanted to try everything. I think it’s kind of funny, a lot of people come to California to see Disneyland and the beaches. All I was interested in seeing was the marijuana dispensaries and having a good time with my sister. I succeeded in doing that but I was sad to go back home. That’s ok. I am already planning my next visit.

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Legal cannabis dispensary opens by eyes

My brother has been living with us ever since getting a medical discharge from the Navy. He’s got some PTSD and he also messed up his knee really bad. We’ve been trying to get him the help he needs but he doesn’t seem very interested. It doesn’t help that the VA Doesn’t really seem to care. But recently, my brother seems to be taking a turn for the better. He asked me to go with him to a legal cannabis dispensary just outside of town. At first, I was really hesitant. I know that marijuana is legal here but still don’t like it much. However, I’m willing to try anything to make my brother feel better so I agreed to drive him. I have to say, I was really impressed with the appearance of the cannabis dispensary. I was picturing some ghetto looking place. But instead, it was laid out almost like a kitchen store. It was very clean and tidy looking but not cramped or crowded. The dispensary employees were really helpful too. My brother seemed to know what he wanted but I guess the employees could tell, just by looking at him, what my brother really needed. They asked a few probing questions and I was surprised to see my brother open up a bit about his mental and physical health. The cannabis store employees recommended a slightly different kind of marijuana for my brother to use. They explained why it was better for his condition. He decided to go ahead and try their recommendation. That was three days ago. My brother seems to be making a turn for the better since then. He doesn’t seem so closed off to his family.


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Marijuana produce

It doesn’t feel shady at all

I have been thrilled ever since my state legalized marijuana. I used to have a marijuana card, back when you needed one for medicinal purposes. However those are kind of a pain in the butt. You had to get them renewed every so often and it was hard to find doctors that would prescribe marijuana for back pain. I can’t tell you how much the marijuana helps with my back pain. But now that recreational marijuana is legal I don’t need to worry about a doctor’s note. Instead, I just walk down to my recreational weed dispensary and they are supper helpful in getting me whatever I need. They’re good about making recommendations for the kinds of marijuana to use for back pain as well. I just love my recreational weed dispensary. I love how open the store is too. It’s not like in the old days. Back then, you would go to this little hole-in-the-wall store in a shady part of town. Yes it was a legal dispensary but you always felt like you were doing something illegal just by being there. But today’s recreational weed dispensaries are almost like coffee shops. I just feel a lot more comfortable being there. My favorite weed dispensary is the one that is about a mile from my house. It’s in a really nice area and the people working there are super friendly and knowledgeable. It doesn’t feel shady at all. I feel as comfortable buying my marijuana as I do buying vegetables at the farmers market. It is just that these greens are a bit more potent.


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Grandfather’s weed got delivered

Grandfather Ned knows that I enjoy a little bit of legal recreational marijuana however my mom does not know this. I may be an adult and everything however my mom would flip her lid if she found out or even thought that I was smoking dope. When Grandfather found out, I thought he would flipped his lid and call up my mom about it but he just winked at me and walked away. He never said a word about it. I found out why Two weeks ago, when I was house-sitting for Grandfather. He lives about 2 hours north of my parents and I relished the time I got to spend away from home. The fact that Grandfather was paying me a little bit to watch his cat, collect his mail, and water the plants helps too. About 2 days before Grandfather was returning, he got a special delivery. I signed for it however did not guess much more about it until I saw the curious return label. it had a weed plant on it; Clearly Grandfather was ordering legal cannabis deliveries. This was very surprising to me and I easily wanted to open the box and see what he had ordered even though I want to maintain his trust and love. Later that evening, Grandfather called and asked about the special delivery. He said it wasn’t intended to come for several more days. I told him marijuana delivery had arrived. Yes, I easily used the word marijuana so that he would know I knew what I ordered. He just said “don’t tell your mother and I’ll share it with you when I get back home”. That’s funny, he is older than her and he is just scared of my mom as I am; Don’t worry Grandfather, I will not tell my mom.


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I’m not comfortable with having any marijuana products mailed to my house

Sister Elle is staying with us, ever since she lost her job. She’s regularly been a little bit of a wild child and I’m not sure what to do about it. I know that she is using recreational marijuana and I told her that it was all well and good as long as the girls don’t know what she has doing. In other words, no bongs, no blunts. So she has been using gummies and vape pens and stuff care about that that has infused with marijuana. I also made it absolutely clear that she needs to eat those edibles well away from the girls. My sibling has been going to the marijuana dispensary to get her goods even though she does not have any money for gas now so I guess she has also been using a marijuana delivery service to have her marijuana products delivered. I had no clue that she was doing this. I knew she was getting some deliveries even though I was not aware it was marijuana products. That is, until Last month when she got a box and I left it on the edge of the kitchen table. My child opened the box when I wasn’t paying attention. Thankfully I could stop her before she started eating any of the gummy bears. So now I’m uneasy about what could possibly have happened if I hadn’t stopped my child in time. I’m starting to guess that it might be time for my sibling to get the heck out. I don’t want her recreational marijuana in my house. Besides, I was able to see the receipt for all of these products and they aren’t cheap. If she can afford to have recreational marijuana mailed to my home, she should be to afford to pay a little bit of rent at least.
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This is not what I had envisioned when I thought of a weed delivery service

I did not easily know who my father was while growing up. It wasn’t until I turned eighteen, and sought him out myself, that the two of us started to connect. It turned out that Dad is a pretty cool dude (even if he did essentially ditch me and my mom right after I was born.) That’s in the past now I guess. Anyhow, the two of us had been hanging out and playing some video games when he got a knock on the door. He casually tells me “oh, that has to be my weed guy” before he opened the door. I had all kinds of thoughts in my head about the kinds of people who would drive weed. So I was surprised to see a normal looking dude carrying a box. My dad signed for the box and then took it back inside Where he opened it up. That’s when I found out that he uses a legal recreational cannabis delivery service. So this is not some back alley deal. It’s as legal and legit as buying your cannabis from one of those legal weed stores. I laughed at myself a bit when I found this out. When I told my dad that I had been thinking, he admitted that he has used less reputable weed companies before everything became legalized in California. I don’t doubt it. The more I hang out with my father, the more I understand why my mom did not want me having anything to do with him growing up. I was impressionable and I actually would have been a led astray by an idiot that I looked up to. But now that I’m an adult, I guess it’s kind of funny, in a sad way. I don’t want to be anything like my dad, however I’m blissful I’m finally getting to know him.


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Stay safe and order all of your legal recreational cannabis online

My acquaintance Billy and I were hitting it pretty hard up at his lodge.

The two of us had had a lot to drink and Billy brought along a significant amount of recreational marijuana as well.

But I guess the two of us did not think to bring enough, or we didn’t know our tolerance, because after several days, the two of us ran out. The two of us looked it up on our Google maps and, due to being out in the middle of nowhere, there was not a legal marijuana store within 45 miles from us. The two of us decided to just make do with the alcohol however then Billy remembered that he could have legal recreational cannabis delivered to us. After all, his lodge has a postal address And the two of us were going to be staying there for the full week. So the two of us picked out a handful of marijuana products and ordered them online. Then the two of us paid an extra surcharge for them to be delivered within several days. The two of us were so wasted by the time the legal weed products were delivered, that the two of us almost forgot that the two of us ordered them. However, about that time Billy and I were running out of alcohol so the two of us just partied the last few days with the marijuana. I have to say, this was one deranged getaway. I hardly knew what day it was the whole time. however, neither of us encountered any sort of trouble. The two of us did not have any drunk driving or any sort of incidents. I guess in huge part that was due to the legal recreational cannabis delivery service. The two of us knew more celebration supplies were en route so the two of us did not freak out about the two of us had to drive to find more.
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