How cannabis has changed

The use of marijuana has been a harsh topic in this country for a honestly long time.

Over the last few years, the permission of cannabis for medical & recreational purposes has finally gained support! Back in the early 1600s, cannabis was used in several states as legal tender.

Then a law made it mandatory for every farmer to cultivate hemp. By the end of the nineteenth century, cannabis was a staple of medical products sold in pharmacies. Anyone could buy them. In 1906 the Pure Food & Drug Act was passed & weed was one of the drugs that became taxed. In 1931, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics deemed marijuana not allowed. A year later, the Uniform State Act left it up to state governments to control marijuana usage. Right around the time of the second war, there was a decline in marijuana import that led to the US Department of Agriculture creating a program to stimulate the growth of hemp. Those farmers were offered a deferment, allowing them to grow the plant rather than heading to the front lines. By 1943, almost 371,000 acres in this country were creating hemp. In the 1960’s marijuana was a popular recreational drug & became a section of a culture that was protesting against the Vietnam War. Despite a wonderful deal of downside propaganda over the years, marijuana is one of the most commonly used substances in the United States. In a survey, almost 90 million people indicated that they had used cannabis at least once. The high from THC helps people to alleviate pain, stress, anger, fear & social stress. Cannabis has become a more than several billion dollar yearly business with over twenty million active users in this country.

Marijuana growth

It took awhile before we legalized

For anyone who still has doubts over allowing cannabis, they should take a look at the long list of medicinal pros. If that doesn’t say anything, there are also economical reasons. A case conducted several years back discovered that legalizing cannabis at the federal level that year would have generated over 130 billion dollars in tax rearena between that point & 2025. Passing good cannabis laws also reduces spending. The federal government spends about a billion dollars every year to uphold marijuana laws. There are a lot of police officers spending their time arresting people for carrying & smoking a little bit of weed. Legalizing marijuana would save a wonderful deal of money. Next, taking marijuana off the list of controlled substances would trim costs quite a bit with court cases that go to trial. There’s also the added pro of creating millions of jobs. We’ve seen that in states where laws have been passed to legalize cannabis, dispensaries & stores are opening up on every street corner. Taking a cannabis plant from seed to sale requires a lot of planning & people. There’s farmers, processors, retailers & distributors all that need work. There’s training centers opening up to inform budtenders. Let’s not forget the lenders & builders who specialize in developing retail stores. Consider the businesses who sell packaging & labeling equipment & the gear for cannabis consumption. All of these businesses create jobs, gain cash & pay taxes, stimulating our growth. It won’t be long before our government & the rest of the world realizes that legalizing marijuana is profitable. It was greed that led to propaganda against weed & eventually listing it as a controlled substance. It may well be this same greed that leads to full legalization.

We have made some progress

Cannabis has often been accused of being a starter drug.

Those who speak out against marijuana care about claiming that anyone who tries it will soon turn to harder & more dangerous things.

The reality is that the majority of marijuna consumers don’t go on to other substances. A recent study discovered that people who use taxing drugs tend to first abuse alcohol & tobacco before escalating to something stronger. Unfortunately, there is a lot of downside propaganda surrounding cannabis. As more & more success stories are unfolded & modern research is conducted, public opinion is gradually increasing. Every one of us have learned that cannabis helps to alleviate pain in multiple sclerosis & works to control epileptic seizures. CBD is showing potential in stopping cancer cells from spreading. Endocannabinoid compounds in marijuana are effective in treating stress, alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease & job to improve cognitive performance & concentration in those with ADHD. More & more medical professionals are prescribing cannabis to alleviate pain buddyd with arthritis & to alleviate symptoms of Dravet syndrome. There is hope that the anti-inflammatories in endocannabinoids can fight the brain issues that cause Alzheimer’s disease. From Crohn’s disease to glaucoma & PTSD, cannabis is giving off relief, hope & better quality of life. It’s about time that this holistic plant be made readily available to those who need it. While we are still a long way from the necessary laws, legalization & acceptance, we are finally on the right track. For cannabis enthusiasts like myself, we’ve waited a long while & it’s time to celebrate progress.

Climate controlled facilities

There are more medical benefits than you realize

A lot of people like to claim that smoking marijuana once could lead to addiction.

This is one of the several myths about cannabis.

Recent studies showed that fewer than 20 percent of marijuana users are dependent upon it. In comparison, of cocaine & meth users, around twenty-more than four percent of them are addicted. Tobacco was shown to be the most addictive thing though. And yet, an adult can buy a pack of cigarettes in any state across the country, and you don’t need to first go to the doctor & get medical clearance & a prescription, despite the fact that smoking is certainly horrible, there are no restrictions. Cannabis is not harmful & provides a great deal of potential in medical treatment. Until recently, research into the health effects of this holistic plant was against the law. We are just starting to realize the several benefits cannabis can provide. Until a lot more studies are completed, we’re reliant on the success stories of consumers. We do guess that marijuana can work to alleviate symptoms connected with several health conditions! Physicians around the world prescribe it to patients suffering nausea buddyd with chemotherapy. It has shown potential in helping people with HIV/AIDS combat low appetite. Marijuana is effective in great muscle tension & spasms, helps manage seizures & reduces inflammation. More & more people are turning to cannabis to treat sleeping issues. Fortunately, public opinion is changing & cannabis is becoming more accessible to people who entirely need it.

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It is not as bad as you think

Marijunana is contained from the cannabis plant & used for medical & recreational purposes across the map.

There are over 475 compounds found in the plant & several ways to consume them.

While it’s commonly smoked or vaporized, cannabis-infused snacks & liquids have been used since as far back as 1000 BC. So, marijuana was targeted for a smear campaign, resulting in a poor reputation, many people still see it as strictly a drug to get high. While both medicinal & recreational marijuana is a part of history, not that many people totally understand its benefits. More often than not, those people who speak out against legalizing cannabis are basing their opinion on myths & misunderstanding. In recent years, newer studies conducted around the world have proven a variety of medical benefits from marijuana use & public opinion has abruptly begun to improve. Something most people aren’t aware of is that no deaths have ever been caused by marijuana overdose, but reports indicate that a person would need to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC contained in a joint to die from overdose. In other words, it’s just not possible. In fact, weed is safer than the majority of legal pharmaceuticals. It is natural & causes fear side effects than several prescription pills. The health risks of consuming marijuana are much lower than with drinking booze or smoking cigarettes. Alcohol can be blamed for directly or indirectly resulting in thousands of deaths across this country every year.



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Why do you use cannabis?

I work at a luxury medicinal & recreational cannabis dispensary.

The crew sees over a hundred buyers walk through our doors each & every day… We’re so tied up that we’ve extended our business hours, staying open later throughout the week & offering hours on weekends & holidays as well.

Our buyers all have honestly different yet distinct reasons for visiting our facility, but they have diverse preferences as far as consumption methods, strains & terpenes. The crew recently asked our shoppers to take a survey about their consumption practices. We were overwhelmed by the response & surprised by the results. The number one reason our buyers use cannabis is for better rest at night. We’ve found that a lot of adults, especially older ladies, struggle to fall & stay asleep… Cannabis tinctures are appealing for this! Second on the list was for mental health concerns & to relieve stress. Since just about everybody suffers from some kind of stress, we realize that several of our customers are finding cannabis helpful for relaxation. The next reason was simply for having a wonderful time & socializing, followed by pain help & reducing inflammation. The crew also had results from customers treating cancers, looking for MS symptom relief & to activate appetite. When our customers share their success stories, they help others to figure out what might work for them! Unfortunately, the FDA prohibits us from making any claims about the certain effectiveness of cannabis.

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Monday is always my favorite afternoon of the week

Most people that have tasks from Monday through Monday would say that Monday is their favorite afternoon of the week.

I never have to do my tasks on Saturday or Sunday, so Monday is absolutely my favorite afternoon.

When it’s time to head home to my apartment at 7, I start to believe I am more energized and invigorated. Of course, I dread the rest of the afternoon. Occasionally I hardly make it to dinner before I believe care about I need a nap. I’m filled with energy as soon as the clock hits 7. Last Monday I was recognizable ly happy to finish work, because my friends and I were going to do some camping for the weekend. The weather was supposed to be 75 degrees during the afternoon and under 40 degrees at night. It’s the perfect weather for tent camping in the mountains and the lake. Before all of us left to go camping, all of us decided to go to the recreational cannabis dispensary. All of my friends and I use recreational cannabis. I never use cannabis in the afternoon. When I am at work, I use a blend of valerian root, St John’s wort, and CBD. It greatly helps to ease the natural anxiety that I believe when I am around other people. It also helps calm my jangled nerves. Since my friends and I did not have to worry about task on the weekends, all of us picked up a few cannabis supplies that were high in THC. One of those items was a bubble hash. Bubble hash looks care about kief, but it has almost 50% THC. My friends and I smoked a ton of bubble hash over the weekend. By the end of the afternoon on Sunday, I was relaxed, well rested, and 100% ready for another week of work.

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I’m getting tired of doing all the heavy lifting

No 1 gave to lift a finger to help and that made me very agitated and angry

Each week for work, all of us receive new shipments of new recreational marijuana supplies. The recreational marijuana supplies arrived in very large heavy boxes, but each 1 of the boxes has to be removed from the supply truck and carried into the rear office. Business has truly been busy and so all of us have been stocking up on a lot of odd supplies. Last week, all of us had so many times the large boxes in the truck as usual. Most of the time, I remove all of the boxes from the shipment because I am the only guy that works during the afternoon. I do not absolutely mind finally working with petite women, so it has never been a complication until now. When the back of the truck opened up and the ladies saw all of the packages, they quickly walked away and let me do all of the heavy lifting. I spend multiple hours on loading the truck and another more than one hours for packing all of the recreational marijuana supplies. No 1 gave to lift a finger to help and that made me very agitated and angry. I do not want to be taken luck of because I am a nice dude, however just because I usually take care of the heavy task does not mean that I want to have to perform the labor by myself every time. I do not suppose how to talk to the director of the cannabis store about my issue, because I do not want to sound care about a sexist pig. I suppose I’m stronger than most of the women, but all of us make the same amount of cash and all of us are supposed to be able to perform the same tasks.
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I guess the dispensary delivery driver was high on something other than weed

I had to order supplies from the local cannabis shop this week.

I was not looking forward to making the order.

The last time I tried the online order system, half of the items were out of stock. The time before that, the order was wrong. I would care about driving out to the cannabis shop myself to pick up my supplies, but they are only offering delivery right now due to the high spike in recent covid-19 cases. I searched through the directory to see what items were in stock. I was pleasantly surprised by the vast selection of shatter and concentrate. I found plenty of items to fill my cart and I even bought a few edibles. I bought some chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie treats, and multiple pot brownies. I also got some 10:1 gummies in apricot and lime flavor. The total for my order was well over $200, so at least I qualified for a free delivery. When the driver arrived with my cannabis supplies, he was clearly blazed on something other than weed. I can tell when someone has been smoking marijuana, because I have been smoking recreational marijuana for over 20 years. This guy was high on something. His words were slurred and his eyes were barely open. The guy got my order right, even though he barely said more than one words while he was making the delivery. He almost plowed over my mailbox on the way out of the driveway. I absolutely hope the driver made it safely down from the mountain because there are some hair pin twists and turns and it can be a hard drive.



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I guess that my mom and dad were smoking reefer in the living room

The last time that I went to visit my mom and my stepdad, I guess they were smoking pot.

I decided to stop by the apartment on my way to my apartment from my task last week.

I wanted to give my mom her birthday present early, because I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to see her on Saturday. My mom and stepdad seemed truly surprised when I walked through the door. They were spraying air freshener all over the place. I do not smoke marijuana correctly, but i still suppose what the plant odors care about when it is burning. My Mom and Stepdad’s living room odored care about pot. I gave my mom and dad a look when I walked through the door. I even asked both of them if they were smoking marijuana. My mom and dad chuckled and they told me that was a deranged thing to ask them. The last few times that I have visited with my mom and stepdad, they have been remarkably ecstatic and in great spirits. Now I am starting to wonder if the recreational marijuana is the reason for their great mood. The state where all of us live legalized recreational marijuana only a couple of weeks ago and a dispensary opened in the city where my mom and stepdad live. I’m start to guess that they may have visited the shop on 1 or more than one occasion. I would never judge my mom and stepdad for the decisions that they make. They are grown adults who have raised several fine children of their own. If they want to keep it secret, I won’t spoil the fun.
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