Why do jobs still drug test for cannabis?

Here is the main thing that the COVID crisis taught me — stress doesn’t go away, but you can learn to live with it.

  • I think a lot of people are experiencing that right now.

For years I stressed about money and bills every month, no matter how hard I worked. Then COVID closed my business, put me out of work, and I realized I wasn’t any more stressed out than I used to be! Now that it’s time to get back to work, my attitude has changed, because the stress of working is just as bad as the stress of being unemployed. To wit, I am not quitting cannabis during my job search, I am just not bothering to apply at companies that drug test. If a business makes cannabis a top priority, and thinks that smokers can’t be good workers, then I don’t want to work there. These days most small companies have stopped testing for cannabis, because it is either legal or close to legal, and it costs money for these tests. Besides, anyone with half a brain knows that cannabis is medicine, not a mind altering substance. This doesn’t mean that I am going to bring marijuana to work, or show up to the interview stoned. Of course not! I use cannabis responsibly, just like I do beer, so if a potential employer wants me to stop doing it, that potential employer can screw off! If anyone out there does know of a good job that is cannabis friendly, please drop a note in the comments, or DM me about it.


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