Using cannabis for anxiety calming

I have suffered from social anxiety disorder since I went through puberty back in the day.

  • I’ve been through hours of therapy with unquestionably little benefit.

I’ve tried prescription medication & was basically unhappy with the many side-effects, and although there is still a great deal of controversy surrounding marijuana to treat social anxiety, I’ve had pretty good success with it. When a neighbor of mine proposed that I make a trip to the dispensary & try cannabis to alleviate my symptoms, I was honestly skeptical. I’d tried smoking flower a few times & found it increased my unease. Along with a drastic sense of fear & worry, I also deal with physical side effects such as increased heart rate, perspiring & rapid breathing. My neighbor explained that purchasing cannabis from a licensed dispensary provides confidence in the quality of the product & a lot more options on top of that, however she proposed that I do some online research & then consult with a budtender at the cannabis store. I took her advice & read up on Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) & Cannabidiol (CBD), which are the 2 most abundant cannabinoids. THC happens to be responsible for the high sensation & CBD has demonstrated anti-anxiety properties, and from what I read, combining the 2 cannabinoids with a higher level of CBD & lower level of THC provides the most ideal results. When I shopped at the dispensary & spoke with a budtender, she urged me to try several odd strains! The 1 known as Sour Space Candy is a CBD-dominant hybrid that is purple, yellow & blue in color. It offers 15% CBD & only 1% THC. I was honestly able to purchase this strain in a pre-roll, & it has been life-changing for me.


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