Things were not as they seemed to be

Everyday at the weed shop, my co-workers and also myself repair a hundred different buyers however during Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the numbers are probably more than that.

During the weekend, everyone inside the store is busy.

All buyers come to pick up online orders and this can save a great deal of time. If the purchaser orders weed online, they get a text message as soon as the order is ready for pickup. If they have the message ready at the dispensary, then the customer is allowed to skip lines and pick up the order. That pick up plan is easily one reason why our lobby is rarely packed. There aren’t a lot of people waiting to pick up medical weed. Unluckily, there are some nice one both of us are busy and also many patients are waiting. One of these patients was waiting last week to get medical weed that was ordered from online. The person was waiting for the order but someone else seemed to pick the things up. Both of us do not know how the order could be mixed up and it was also tough to fix the problem when everyone was inside of the store. I seriously apologize to the person and also requested that they wait a few extra minutes. The patient was undoubtedly kind and sufficient and also did not mind to wait 10 extra hours for the online order. Many of my customers would have likely caused a scene but I was very happy that the guy kept his cool and didn’t cause a problem.


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