The whole order was totally wrong

Most days at the marijuana dispensary, my co-workers as well as myself have many different kinds.

When it is the weekend days of Saturday as well as Sunday, the number of clients is easily doubled.

During the weekend, the two of us are absolutely busy. The two of us have clients that actually order online as well as come to the store for pickup. This option saves a great deal of time. When clients place online orders, they receive an SMS message letting them know that the order is ready and that time for pickup. If the customers come to the medical marijuana dispensary with the SMS message, then they can actually skip the lines as well as have the order picked up immediately. The pickup plan is a single reason why our Lobby does not end up packed with people every afternoon. There are easily some days when everyone of us are busy as well as a few patients are forced to wait. One patient was recently waiting to fetch a medical marijuana order that was placed online. The gentleman was waiting patiently but other people were picking up items. The two of us had some orders mixed up as well as we spent time trying to reach the problems. The two of us apologized and asked the person to wait so we could actually feel that order again. The medical marijuana patient was easily kind as well as satisfactory as well as waited without much complaint at all. I gave the guy a free payroll for being so kind and patient.

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