The software for the scheduling app was easy to use

In the state, recreational and medical cannabis sales have been legal for the past 10 years.

During that time, a lot of things have evolved.

There are many more products available on the market and that means there are more places to sell those products. I have been working at a marijuana dispensary for seven of those years. I’ve been at the same place during all of that time. The small marijuana wanted dispensary used to be the only place in the city, but now there are four other places. The owner of the business wanted to be able to compete with the other marijuana dispensaries near me, so he bought the space next to us and opened a lounge. The lounge was a great idea, but now I am in charge of twice as many employees as I was in the past. The owner of the dispensary promised that he would help me out with schedule scheduling and timekeeping. He gave me a ten percent raise in salary and added an extra 1% to my employee 401k contributions. He also bought a software program that helps me with scheduling and timekeeping. The software program is very easy to use. The software program makes it so easy for me to schedule employees and know exactly how many hours I am using up each week and it also allows me to have more time for other jobs. I used to spend four or five hours with the schedule and the payroll, but now one simple software program does it all for me.


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