The parking lot was busy with people

Last Wednesday the medical cannabis shop was entirely tied up.

I’m one or two option up cannabis supplies and ordered most of my items online.

Everything should have been ready by the time I arrived, but instead the both of us were asked to wait outdoors. Everyone of us were on crutches at the time after falling at work earlier in the parking lot. I sprained my ankle plus was in a lot of pain. It was extremely taxing for everyone of us to stand in the heat, especially without having both legs. Every one of us spoke to a security guard so myself plus others could get let inside of the place. Unfortunately, the person told me that the lobby was full. I told the lady in the lobby that everyone of us were truly ready plus waiting and that the order was already done but she wanted everyone of us to wait at the front desk. Everyone of us didn’t want to sound prefer the person that complained, but since the order for pickup was actually ready, there was not a single reason for myself plus others to stand outside plus weight. The front desk lady apologized plus told myself plus others that the order was actually ready. The security guard was told to let myself plus others into the building so we could pick up our items. After walking out the door past the security guard, the guy gave myself plus others an awful look. I certainly don’t care because I should not have had to wait in the first place.

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