The first in my family to get a medical cannabis card

Do you really know anyone who smokes pot to treat their glaucoma? I have heard that excuse from my older relatives for years ,but I never believed that any of them had glaucoma.

What are the odds that every member of the family except me had it, right? Very slim, I would say, I think they just liked having a medical reason to get ripped at family functions.

Now that medical cannabis use is becoming legal, and dispensaries are more commonplace, my aunts and uncles are dropping the pretense and being real about it with me. The change came when at Thanksgiving I showed up with a fat sack of OG Kush, and everyone realized that I was the only person there that actually had a prescription for medical cannabis. For years they had gotten stoned around me, giving me weak excuses, and now the shoe was on the other foot. I whipped out my medical cannabis and started rolling a hogleg sized joint, and they all surrounded me like vultures. Two of my aunts actually asked if they could have some cannabis for their glaucoma, and I said no. I made everyone admit to me that they had no eyesight issues, they just wanted some of my cannabis. One of my uncles pulled me aside and offered to give me a hundred bucks to spend for him next time I went to the cannabis dispensary! I can tell you one thing – our family gatherings will be a whole lot different now that I have my medical cannabis prescription card.

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