The beach was a lot more fun with cannabis edibles

My wife Jen plus I had Tuesday plus Wednesday off together which is easily precious because our days off are usually Monday plus Tuesday.

Jen and I respectfully get only one or 2 days every month together, so I advocated that Jen and I go to the beach plus stay overnight.

The weather was supposed to be sunny with a few clouds plus there was no rain in the forecast. It’s a 2-minute drive to the beach, however Jen and I decided to leave easily early in the afternoon on Tuesday. Jen and I were going to leave on Monday, but I ended up having to work late. On our way to the beach, Jen plus I stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary. The recreational marijuana dispensary has a wide variety of weird products like edibles, concentrates, plus dried marijuana flower. I selected a disposable vaporizer pen with an orange dream sativa cartridge. I also picked out a couple of bags of edible marijuana candies. Jen picked out a disposable vaporizer pen as well plus it was a sativa strain called Super Lemon haze. Jen bought some edibles as well. After Jen and I left the marijuana dispensary, each one of us decided to eat one of the 10 mg edibles. Jen and I had about a minute more to drive plus my buddy and I entirely started to recognize the edibles before Jen and I got to our destination. My pal and I were about 10 miles away when I started to recognize tingly. I’m glad that Jen and I didn’t have 20 miles to drive to the hotel. I might have needed to stop to wait for the effects of the marijuana to wear off.

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