Stopping the shoplifters is my number one job

I work as a bouncer at a local Tavern for a while.

The place was very Rowdy by reputation and it was the type of location where many different bikers pass through the area with a couple of beers in their hands.

There were many friendly games with darts and pool but they easily turned into a lot of fist fights. Eventually things became difficult and I was risking my neck for people that were drunk. I wanted the experience to be different, and I honestly decided to find a different job. People that smoke pot are never in fist fights love drunk people. I thought checking identification cards at the cannabis dispensary door would be a pretty easy task. I was absolutely right and found the only problem to be having a person or even various people that have been shoplifting. I don’t like for them to make off with our cannabis products. It was small steps in the beginning and then some major cannabis quantities. Overtime many of the losses easily added up and then when I began my job, things got better. I have muscles, large cans, a leather vest, and lots of tattoos. I easily look intimidating. I am friendly to many of the people plus also explained that a picture ID is necessary before coming to the cannabis dispensary. This tells them that I know their name and I am watching. Lately the Cannabis products us have really dropped down by a lot and they are no longer as big of a problem as they were in the past.

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