She had an expert eye for cannabis

Thankfully the stigma around pot smoking is decreasing, because dating used to be really hard for me. This was 20ish years ago, so there weren’t even the dating apps we all use so often today. The dating scene was rough, and what made it even more difficult for me was trying to find a woman who was 420-friendly. These days you can just post it in your online profile and it’s no big deal, but back then it was a big deal. I had to decide when to mention to my date that I smoked copious amounts of cannabis, and I did it every single day. One night I was on a date with a very fetching and smart young lady, and since I liked her I just told her straight away that I enjoyed cannabis sometimes. That’s how I decided to ease into the truth, but saying that I smoked cannabis “sometimes” instead of all day, every day. Much to my surprise and delight, she asked if she could join me, not because she was into cannabis, but as a botany student at the local college she was interested in the quality of my weed. That made for a fun night, as I got ripped on medical cannabis while she examined it, pulled it apart, and made comments about the quality of it. I wish we were still together, because her expert eye for cannabis would have come in handy once the dispensaries started opening up around here. She could have helped me select the best cannabis in the store.


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