Sativa products have helped me so much in life

Approximately a year ago, I was at the point with my social anxiety that I would have tried just about anything.

And really, I just about had tried everything.

Yet again, the efficacy of the medicine cocktail that I was on was completely waning. This has happened with every pharmaceutical I’ve taken over the years to assist with managing my condition. Then I tried medical marijuana. I can hardly even believe that I’ve gone as long as 25 years dealing with this and cannabis was there all this time. But I was able to steer clear from wherever I might have come into contact with any sort of cannabis products. My social anxiety hardly even allows me to interact with anyone outside of my family and a small circle of buddies. And when I was young, recreational marijuana was absolutely fun and social. I was not either of those things. Yet, I’m not going to be frustrated that I didn’t find sativa products at a much sooner time. There’s definitely no point in all that. I’m mainly able to let that fact go because cannabis has affected my life in a positive way. Sure, I wish I knew about it sooner. But thankfully, the cannabis products I need are now available to myself and others as recreational marijuana is completely legal in this state. So I didn’t have to learn about how to get a medical marijuana card and could simply go into the cannabis dispensary. I say simply but going anywhere isn’t exactly straight-forward. I’m just so glad that there are such caring, and passionate people to help myself and others at my local cannabis shop. It’s just been a year but sativa strains have given me a life that I could only have dreamed of without it.

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